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"I love being able to capture the essence of people and their love for one another. It's so satisfying to be able to catch those in-between moments of genuine emotion."
I was traveling through California, and was looking for a couple to take photos of between Yosemite and Joshua Tree in this hidden gem called ‘Alabama Hills’. It’s right in-between Death Valley and Sequoia National Park, and unlike other well-known areas, this little spot is very private and empty of tourists. The landscape is mesmerizing- crumbly mounds of rocks make up lumpy hills, while the Sierras and Mount Whitney line the horizon in the background. Gabbie and her boyfriend Matt drove all the way from the OC to meet me in this weird little spot. We were the only ones there, and spent our time hopping over rocks and playing in the wind while I captured details of Gabbie’s fresh tattoos and her barber boyfriend’s newly bleached hair.

Pictures by Katie Dawn Photo

Location: California, Alabama Hills

Gear: Canon EOS 6D, 35mm 1.4 & 50mm 1.4

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