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"Sometimes photography can be compared to a never-ending wave of impressions and inspirations. The images and emotions flow like a wild river in front of your eyes, and only you have the opportunity to stop in some moments and capture them for eternity. This is the reason why I always fall in love with photography."

In September, during my trip to Italy, I was able to get to know the beautiful Calabria. The deep south of Italy is a land of winds and crystal clear waters, overgrown steep cliffs and beautiful wild beaches. I also met Marlis Madeleine and Giancarlo. Their love story is deeply rooted in Calabria. Giancarlo is from Brazil and Marlis Madeleine is from Germany. One evening in April 2005 their paths crossed in Italy, and since that first conversation they have never been apart. Marlis Madeleine told me that their first evening together made them want to stay together as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Pictures by Hey Vanne Photographs

Location: Italy

Gear: Sony A7III, Sony 35mm

Love Stories

Skin On Skin by Isabel Schary Photography

Love Stories

Baby Announcement In Venice by Michael Zennaro Photography