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"Through photography I can connect with people and all kind of stories, but specially immortalize feelings with the beauty of a composition."
Yessica and Hugo have been together for more than 12 years, they met when they were 19 and 23 and got crazy for each other instantly, got married in less than a year and had the most beautiful daughter in the world ever. But even if they are such a beautiful and fun couple, they never had any kind of photoshoot and when they decided it was time for it, we were the most thrilled and planned a short road trip to the town where Hugo’s mom was from. Our little assistant was Leah their daughter and we all had the most amazing time ever.

Pictures by Adelita Weddings And Jordan Gonzáles

Location: Mexico, Nayarit

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark III; Sigma Art 35mm, 85mm, 50mm 1.4

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