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"I love taking photos of people so that I can help capture personality, love and joy! I want people to see how they actually look when they are happy, dancing, looking at their loved ones and stuffing their face with cake! Personally, I feel so much more confident when I see a photo of myself that I love and I strive to give that feeling to others!"
After so much time apart, big family reunions are much needed! This extended family came together for the 4th of July to celebrate our independence and have some much needed cousin time. They wanted photos of each family individually and all the families together. All the outfits and smiles were on point and so well coordinated. Keeping 10 kids interested for two hours of photos is not an easy task but with the looming promise of a nice cool off in the pool these kids did unbelievably well! The long running joke of the night was that all the kids LOVED sniffing their arm pits. Our perfect location was very close, actually it was one of the sisters houses! The sun set perfect over their beautiful fence and not a single person cried. Once the pictures were done, as promised we let all the little ones and one dad jump fully clothed into the pool! This was the cousins wish and they loved every second of it!

Pictures by Sarah Harrington Photography

Location: Ohio, Columbus

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV; 35mm 1.4

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