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"I love having creative freedom and expressing myself through the photos I take. I believe that on one hand you show the couple and their feelings, but somehow you also show part of your own personality through your pictures. Also, with every new shoot you can try new things and invent a new version of yourself every time."

I’ve always wanted to do a home story because I think couples can feel comfortable on another level in their own home. You can capture a little bit of their everyday life and you learn a lot about them when you enter their home. With Joa & Pol, we “clicked” at first sight and I fell in love with them and their home, so we tried to make the most of every beautiful corner and I think we succeeded well!

Pictures by Lichttanz Fotografie

Location: Spain, Barcelona

Gear: Nikon Z6II, 35mm

Love Stories

Lazy Afternoon In The Forest by Bernadeta Kupiec Photography

Love Stories

Under The Moon In The Mountains by Simon Fotografie