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„It all started off with a bet. Three years ago, a friend of mine suggested that I wouldn't be able to take a picture as well as him. Insistent on proving him wrong, I went to purchased my first camera. Shortly after, I found myself shooting all sort of photography and my curiosity grew. As I grew as a photographer, I also felt myself falling into a rut. I was becoming bored and even lazy at times, everything was just very repetitive. I longed for more challenging projects. When I entered the world of wedding photography, I never expected it to become my true calling. No subject in front of my lens has ever evoked more emotion than a couple so deeply in love with one another. Photography is about piecing together emotions using elements in your environment and convey a story without using words..“
So this is my first time exploring this city in NY. Garbage plate sounds disgusting but it’s pretty delicious with a side of high cholesterol. Sam and Volnei were wonderful tour guide, showed me all the cool spots around town such as Colgate Divinity School to even the chair that Pres. Barack Obama sat down to discuss about how we need to fix the potholes pandemic in NY. Yeah, there were so many pot holes, but these two lovebirds ardent affection for each other really filled all of those holes with tender kisses and abundant flow of love.

Pictures by Scott Bui


Gear: Canon 5d mark iv & Sigma 35mm

Location: Rochester NY


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