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"I can see how my personality changes each year through the images I take."
I’m a lover of nature and always looking for new places to shoot being surrounded by it. When I saw this field flowering with  poppies  I knew I wouldn’t settle down unless I shoot there. I only had a few days left until the flowering time was supposed to be over and didn’t have much time to prepare. In any way, the lack of perfect preparation is not the reason to miss the chance to implement what you have in mind and we went there with this wonderful couple.  They only had this one day left by the way until they would be too busy to do it. I’m happy we took the decision fast and now have some priceless memories from that time!

Pictures by Svetlana Dubovenko

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Location: Castelldefels, Barcelona

Gear: Sony A7III, Sigma Art 35 mm 1.4


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