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"It's all about love, real, pure, sincere, about respect and admiration. Truth, sincerity and an open soul will not leave a single person indifferent. It is these photographs that prove that there is great love. They reflect me so much as a photographer that I even have a little prickles in my chest. The eternal question is how to show sincerity in the frame? Be sincere yourself ... and I'm sure such people will come into your life, and all you have to do is press the shutter button. Do with love whatever you touch. And this world will surely reciprocate you."

The main idea was to shoot a sunrise shooting, to show how feelings wake up. We were very lucky that this morning because there was an incredibly beautiful fog. I am proud that I managed to persuade the couple to get up at 4 am and on a slightly cold morning, to run around the field in blankets with a minimum of clothes so that such shots could come out, so the couple warms each other even more. Once I saw this couple and fell in love with them … They seem to have stepped off the cover of a magazine. I think I wanted to photograph them even when I still didn’t know their Incredible energy, warmth and care. A huge range of feelings that I saw being around.

Pictures by Marina Kvitko

Instagram  & Website

Location: Liepaja, Latvia

Gear: Canon EOS R & 35 mm 1.8 macro

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