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"Photography gives me the power to freeze these little moments between two lovers which often are invisible to other people! But honestly, photography ins't only taking pictures for me... it's also getting to know other incredible people, making friends, visiting awesome places and just having a good time!"

I’m still amazed by this kind of countryside we went to! Southern Germany is just awesome because of the stunning mountains! For a guy like me, living in northern Germany, where the landscape is super flat, every hill feels even more impressive! I always wanted to shoot a couple in the Alps, so I got in contact with this amazing couple! Unfortunately the weather became very foggy shorty before this shooting, but we had so much fun anyway!

Pictures by Jonas Kretschmann

Instagram & Website

Gear: Canon 5D Mark 4 & Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art

Location: Germany, near Berchtesgaden


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