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"I love photography because I'm able to show the beauty of emotions in an esthetic way and touch the heart and soul of other people."
4:57 in the morning. The first birds already pretend to hear each other and are ready for their day. The sun is slowly starting to show up somewhere, behind the horizon of Santorini, hardly to be seen, only if you look closely, you notice how the blue light on the horizon, light and slowly becomes brighter. You could already feel in the air that it will be a great day. Do you know the feeling I mean? Even if the wind and the sound of the sea together form such a beautiful harmony that you simply know how beautiful and wonderful this day will be, but you remain mega excited about what really comes then – what will the beautiful day look like and what will happen? As a couple and wedding photographer, you look forward even more to your day and your couples, but this day was something very special for me. I was preparing for Elopement in Santorini. So early in the morning I met with Carola & Marco at the Black Beach of Santorini to shoot a couple shooting in front of the Elopement in Santorini. I was simply overwhelmed by the love and passion that reigns between these two beautiful people. They are playful, tender and full of positive energy, which can also be seen on the emotional couple photos. These are two people like I have always imagined the ideal dream couple, simply very authentic and of course they show their love for each other. The beautiful light on the beach of Santorini has changed from one minute to the next. We had a spectrum of beautiful blue light, purple colored clouds and of course the warm golden light at sunrise on the beach. I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than letting the morning sun kiss your skin.

Pictures by Rasim Karic – Koko

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Gear: Nikon D750, 24mm,35mm,50mm &85mm

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