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"I love photography because I love being able to capture the true essence of a couple. I love photography because it allows you to relive moments, emotions, and bask in your past. Photography is a way for me to give that to others. I love meeting people with all different backgrounds and truly capturing them in their best element, with the one they love. Even with people, I know there is something different about them in complete bliss with their person, and I love to be able to show that off to them I say it all the time I LOVE third-wheeling. I love feeding off other's energies. I love being able to go back through photos and laugh when they were laughing and transform these images into perfect moments. There is truly nothing like being able to capture true love and all its glories."
This shoot is all about intimacy and having fun. Most elopements, in general, are all about the couple sharing their love to one another in a place that represents them and pictures that represent their love. We really wanted to go for a boho dramatic feel with this amazing scenery, but we also wanted to show off all of the vendors and their amazing work. It was definitely a team effort by all. The couple themselves were perfect for this because of their intimate and care-free personalities and deep love for one another. By doing this we were able to incorporate all the love this couple had and had a fun-loving day in the process.

Pictures by Darby Velazquez

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Gear: Canon 5D mark IV, 5D mark III, Canon 35mm, Canon 85mm.

Location: Glamis San Dunes

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