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"I get so much energy of creating an image on camera that has been in my head for a while. Also to capture love on photo is the most wonderful feeling there is. It literally gives meaning to my life."
The couple are locals on the island Tenerife. We wanted to create a photosession that was not a typical one on the island. You know: golden beaches and dark blue seas. The national park in the middle of the island is set in an ancient volcano crater, which created a unique moonscape full of incredible rockformations. The day we met to shoot was the day before I took the plane back to Belgium so it was the last possible day to make it happen. The day started with hours of rain and it didn\’t seem to get any better throughout the day. But since it was the last possible date, we decided to just go for it. We drove through the mist and rain up the volcano and arrived in an even more unique scenery! The mist made the landscape so moody and mysterious, it gave an extra punch to the photos. It kept on raining and the couple & camera got all wet, but the amount of fun we had made it all worth it! The energy was perfect. They are young, adventurous and so much in love. I had this picture in my head of them running over the road, towards the new volcano Teide inside the crater. The mist mostly hid the volcano, but created a movie-like scene. The shots turned out greater than I imagined.

Pictures by Nikki Lucy 

Instagram & Website

Location: Tenerife, Spain 

Gear: Sony A7 III; Canon lens 24-70 2.8

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