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"I simply adore the spark of a glance between a connected couple, a mothers gaze at the child she cradles, the hands of a couple clinging to one another as they laugh. I live for the detail in the natural moments. Having my own son taught me to look deeply into the every day ordinary and find the magical mystery in life."
Having never visited Scotland I was so keen to explore the Highlands, my dear friend was newly engaged to her beautiful partner and drove over from Aberdeen to shoot. We wandered through mossy woodland and into hidden waterfalls before venturing toward Glencoe. The air was crisp, the scenery enveloped in autumn turning heather and lush pale long grass. My hope from the start was to capture my adventurous couple in their intimate and deep love. Their sweet connection is powerful and surrounded by the deep moody browns, softening magic hour sky they totally came through with these wind swept, intense moments. I aim to capture the essence of a couple in front of me and as Melissa and Bruce are as playful as they are in love, they roamed and danced around the space as I followed. I’m already counting the months to their wedding, no doubt it’ll be just as blissful.

Pictures by Nina Pearce

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Gear: Canon 5d Mrk iii & Sigma 35mm 1.4

Location: Glen Coe Scotland

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