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"We only create something beautiful if we constantly reinvent ourselves. We constantly need to learn and we always have to be open to get inspired. We need to try things, experiment and have the courage and room for failure. On the photos we never only have the emotions of the couple, we always see the language and the personality of the photographer and the mood that was created by the moment, no matter if it’s about action, emotion or a sensual moment."

Originally, we wanted to use a different location, so we went to Leipzig and met there with our friends. Unfortunately, it wasn’t supposed to be like it was planned and we spontaneously changed the location. After a piece of cake and a coffee we were driving to the new location, opened the door and saw this very hard, strong and defined light. We were very thrilled and started shooting. We tried and experimented a lot and wanted to try a more strict and “harder” style. We are super super happy with the results.

Pictures by Matthias & Franzi Pick

Instagram & Website

Location: Leipzig

Gear: Canon 5D M4 Sigma Art 35mm

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