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Dylan Fox is a wedding and wedding, elopement & lifestyle portrait photographer based in West Virginia, travelling around the United States of America for his pictures. He loves to chase the shadows & create moody intimate moments.
"I find a lot of inspiration from my couples themselves. It's amazing to see how something so small like a kiss can be so largely different between people."

1 Dylan, your website gives us a detailed description of how and when you started photography ten years ago. Can you tell us why you started this?

I actually started photography in hopes to be a wildlife & landscape photographer like my Aunt! Pretty much a complete 180 compared to what I do now, but the journey here was awesome.

2 We see you have a ton of projects and we bet there’s more to come! How do you keep yourself freshly inspired and excited for upcoming projects?

I keep myself inspired by the community, the love and support I receive is just incredible & with that I am able to kind of mold these projects into existence. As far as staying inspired picture wise, I find a lot of inspiration from my couples themselves. It’s amazing to see how something so small like a kiss can be so largely different between people.

3 It looks like you travel a lot: How do you find all these amazing locations?

I hear that a lot but I don’t really feel like I do, haha! When I do get the chance to travel outside of my usually window, I really spend tons of time on Instagram searching geo tags, google mapping things & if I’m flying to a location I’ve never been before I typically try to get out a day or two early so that I can do my own scouting!

4 And where was the best location you’ve been so far?

I would have to say Maui, HI! Everything about the island is just incredible.

5 Going through your portfolio, it is evident that you cover not only couple sessions and weddings but also portrait photography. Do you prefer one over the other or has there been a trend towards one specific type?

I really found my love of photography through portraits. So with that being said, portraits will always have a very special place in my heart. Unfortunately within the style that I prefer to shoot, I found that their was not much of an income to be made which is why I started transitioning into couples photography I instantly fell in love. Now and again I will get the chance to shoot portraits and absolutely thrive while Im doing it. My trend is 100% couples photography though, sprinkle a portrait session in there to get the blood pumping every now and again, im happy.

6 Do your clients choose the setting (beach, mountains, home,etc.)?

Most of my clients come to be with some sort of broad idea which I help narrow down, i.e. they may say they want it close to the water, well that could mean a river, lake or ocean so things like that I will narrow down. Other times I just get the “I have no preference” and from there I take the time to really screen the couples about their interests etc. and go from there.

7 Honestly, what made you fall in love with wedding photography?

I shot my first wedding in I believe it was 2015 & at the time I really had no aspirations of doing any couples photography but did the wedding for a family member and that wedding specifically made me fall in love with all areas of couples photography. Going into weddings and seeing the bride and the groom flourish is amazing. Being able to not only capture but celebrate one of the best days of their lives is really freakin cool.

8 Consistency in editing is important, but not necessarily easy to achieve when shooting in different locations and light situations. How do you manage to keep your work so cohesive?

I control what I can control, I try my best to pick the times of the day that work best for the location. I offer an outfit mood board to my clients which are full of color combinations that work amazing with my editing style & I spent countless of hours crafting my presets to be able to keep a cohesive tone flow between all lighting scenarios. Client photographer relationship and trust is so huge. Most of my clients are 100% game with any suggestions I may make which helps me a ton to stay consistent.

9 Taking into account how 2020 and Covid19 has a huge impact on everyone already, how does it affect your plans for 2021?

I am 110% a go with the flow kind of guy, so I’m going to just keep grinding away as hard as I can when I can & cross any bridges I have to when I get to them.

10 What do you like to do apart from binging Game of Thrones while eating sweets if you are not behind the camera?

I was an exercise science major so I really enjoy working out, I am an early riser so I get to the gym about 5am. I have a 7 month old daughter who lights up my life every day so spending time with her is my favorite thing to do. Fitting the stereotype of a dad, I love to do yard work & start house projects that might not always get done in a timely manor, haha! Sitting back and enjoying a cigar and a glass of scotch is among one of my favorite activities as well.

10 What would you do now, if you hadn‘t become a photographer?

I have absolutely no clue hahaha!!! I have been so hyper focused on photography since 2016 I really haven’t given an alternate career path a thought. I like to think it would be something where I can get my hands dirty, I wouldn’t be able to sit behind a desk.

Thank you Dylan! Website & Instagram

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