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Katarina Fedora is a wedding  and couple photographer based in Munich, travelling all over Europe to accompany her clients. Her compositions and how she freezes moments with the help of her camera made her catch our attention. 
"What really helps me is to think of it as my own wedding, so I always give 100%."

When and how did you start photography? 

I got a camera from my parents when I turned thirteen. From this day on photography became my passion! A few years later I did my very first wedding from the brother of a friend. I totally fell in love with kind of photography and definitely wanted to do more of it. I registered on a web portal and put a few works of mine online. There you could book freelancers, including wedding photographers. Because it was new and there was not much competition, the whole thing started off very successfully –  I had 20 weddings in my first year.


How do you keep yourself freshly inspired and excited for the upcoming projects?

I really love my work and I am a positive minded and motivated person in general, so I never really asked myself this question.
Of course in the high season you might feel stressed or exhausted at some point – what really helps me here is, imagining it was my own wedding so I will always give a 100%. 


How would you describe your style in your own words? 

I want my picture to look like life was put on pause. I love to feel the emotions and energy of the moments.  


Who’s inspiring you most?

My favorite photographer is definitely Nancy Ebert. She really understands the art of catching little moments in an emotional and imperfect, authentic way – while making everything look high class and extraordinary at the same time. 

My two favorite instagram accounts I follow to look for inspiration are the_lane and project.beau


Your work seems to predominantly take place in and around Munich. Where was the best location you’ve been so far? 

Munich has to offer a lot of beautiful buildings and locations. Give me a street with beautiful old buildings and I’m happy. My favorite locations for shoots are the beaches and landscapes of Gran Canaria.


If you were allowed to travel anywhere next week to shoot your dream location, where would that be? 

Oh Paris, definitely! I would love to do a shoot above the rooftops of Paris with a real french couple. 


Going through your portfolio, it is evident that you put a lot of thought into the composition in your images. Does it come naturally to you or do you spend a lot of time studying the different rules and integrating them into your shoots? What is your process?

Thank you, I am very happy to hear that! I have to admit that all this happens intuitively. At least I have never thought much about it or studied any rules about it. I like minimalistic photos where nothing distracts from the subjects. I definitely pay attention to that. 


What is by far your favorite type of light for a photo shoot?

When I first started out, I liked to shoot at sunset with backlight. This has changed and I like it „cleaner“ now. Soft light from the front is what I like best. For example, after the sunset or soft light through the window.


Black and white or color? 

Black and white! For me it’s timeless and classy. 


What do you like to do if you are not behind the camera? 

Spending time with my friends! I do have amazing people in my life, which makes me really happy and grateful. Also I love to sew in my free time. However, since becoming self-employed, I don’t have as much time for it as before. I’m trying to change that. 

Thank you, Katarina! Website & Instagram


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