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"Photography gives me the possibility to "talk" with people in my very own way. It allows me to deeply go into the two humans in front of my camera and to picture their souls and their love in my own language. I don't have to talk much with my voice. Being allowed to capture such personal and the most intimate moments between two lovers is the most beautiful mission for me right now."
I wanted to picture the magic between two loving people in a very basic and authentic way. For me, the most important thing in a couple shoot is to tell the stories of the PEOPLE, how they characters really are. No big styling, just the two lovebirds in a location they love, in clothes they feel comfortable and in which they see themselves. And of course a flower bouquet, because everyone adore flowers, right?

Pictures by Sarah Michallek

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Gear: Canon 5D IV & Canon 35mm 1.4L

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