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"I see a great responsibility in what photographers show and how they shape the public's view of what is recognized as 'normal'. I love that in my intimate photographs I show normal people, normal bodies, and normal love. Nude intimate photography to me is about immortalizing a break in time, raw and candid."

In the last 2 years I have deconstructed the last 20 years of being an intolerant Christian because I thought gays were living in sin. When I began to face all the structures I had believed in, the great weight began to fall away, and I began to express all my passion and intimacy through my art, and photographing a gay couple was one of the most beautiful things I could do. And so, one late September evening, in a beautiful Mallorcan villa, I photographed the most wonderful gay couple I know. Being there in such an intimate moment filled my heart with love, joy and the knowledge that love is love.

Pictures by Leonie Cappello

Location: Mallorca

Gear: Nikon Z6, 35mm

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