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„I love being part of such an amazing community. I love to meet and connect with people who share the same passion and create something significant and meaningful.“
I am a photographer from Germany. The winter here is not really cold, but most of the time rainy. After the tenth consecutive day of raining you have to get creative. So I asked these two if they wanted to do a cozy homestory in their lovely appartement. And it was amazing. I think we spent more than two hours shooting, because we had so much fun and we could‘nt stop. They are such a great fit! I‘ve known her for a really long time and I got to know him last year at a wedding. They are going to marry this year and I‘m so happy being a part of it. But not as a photographer, I am going to sing at their wedding and I‘m so excited but also kinda nervous. Thank you for trusting me and letting me into your home!

Pictures by Teresa Hirschel

Instagram & Website

Gear: Sony Alpha 7iii & Sigma Art 35mm

Location: Germany


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