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Best Of January '20
Last winter days by Corina Beha
"I love photography, because it's an opportunity to tell stories, make emotion visible and a kind of return ticket to moments. That’s why I am simply deep in love with taking photos. Another reason is that I am addicted to the sparkle of their eyes when showing the results."
I always like to catch the real moments in between which seems to be not perfect but authentic. The idea of the story was simply just having fun outside on a cold winter morning in the Black Forest. It was a pleasure to catch and feel Paula and Daniels natural kindness and love for each other. The story makes me smile and I’ll hope that happiness will transfer to you.

Pictures by Corina Beha

Instagram & Website

Gear: Canon EOS R, Sigma Art 35 mm 1.4, DJI Mavic Pro

Location: Black Forest, Germany

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