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"It is the only way to hold our moments in our hands and take them with us as we move through life. There is always something to document and preserve for myself, and someone else. Plus, creating something that I am proud of is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world."

I have never worked with a couple so willing to let their love be seen through photos, as Mikaela + Angel. When we met for the first time, Kae told me, “Do anything you want with us. We won’t hold back.” And they didn’t. They are an example of what it means to be genuine in who you are. We weren’t worried about looking perfect for the camera or getting the perfect shot. We were just having a blast together. I think above everything, I am most proud of, and impressed by, their vulnerability in letting the world see how loved they are. And I am honored that they trusted me to document it.

Pictures by Nicole Paquette

Instagram & Website

Gear: Canon 5D IV, 35mm

Location: Crane Estate, Ipswich MA


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