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"We love photography because it's not about the couple and it’s not about the photographer, it's about, what happens in between. On the photos we never only have the emotions of the couple, we always see the language and the personality of the photographer and the mood that was created by the moment, no matter if it’s about action, emotion or a sensual moment. For us it's a beautiful way to get in touch with wonderful souls and to share our time with people in a very creative way."

We really love to go out for breakfast! It’s super cozy and romantic and we like to take a lot of time for that. Our favorite breakfast places have those little sheets with all the possible breakfast components to choose. You can decide for just a little selection or you take the full monty to have little portions of simple everything. With a good coffee you will have a warm heart for the whole day, we promise! The best is to share this experience with a person you really like. On that day in february we chose Jenny & Robert and so we went to a beautiful place called ‚Ocka‘ in Leipzig. STEP BACK TO CAPTURE THE STORY We took a lot of time for this little breakfast story. We really wanted to capture the mood for the fotos and we wanted to tell a cute story for the film we wanted to produce. For us it was important not only to capture the intimacy of Jenny & Robert, but also to step a little back, to have a good idea of the mood that is told also next to those beautiful love birds. BREAKFAST AT OCKA’S We are super happy with the results of that romantic breakfast story. We did not only had a wonderful breakfast but also had a fantastic time with Jenny & Robert. We drove home with lots of beautiful photos and video clips. I couldn’t wait to edit the movie to bring the story of Jenny & Robert to another perspective.

Pictures by Matthias & Franzi Pick

Instagram & Website

Gear: Canon 5D MK IV Sigma Art 35 mm

Location: Café Ocka, Leipzig, DE


This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Café Ocka
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