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"Photography is something magical. It gives you the opportunity to relive your most precious moments. I think these are not the big festive moments like weddings or birthdays, but rather the small moments of everyday life. And especially the ones between lovers. The way you look at each other when you wake up, the touch of your skin, the chemistry you feel when you're together. I think those moments are what make up real life. And that's what I want to capture as a photographer: photos of how it feels."

I wanted to capture the love between two people in a cinematic way. A way that really shows how they experience their love for each other. Love in intimate moments that normally no one else gets to see. Therefore, as a photographer, I had to make myself invisible and let them both thrive in their unique state of love. This way I was able to capture their true intimacy, and that’s what I’m most proud of with this series. You can really feel their love and become part of their love bubble. The photos are full of life, they are rock ‘n’ roll and soft as silk at the same time. I am also a filmmaker, so the cinematic look and feel means a lot to me and is something I want to bring into my photography as well. These photos look like film. And that’s what makes a great photo for me.

Pictures by Wander in Bloom

Location: Portugal, Lisbon

Gear: Sony A7 R3; Sigma 85mm

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Love Stories

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