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"Photography gives me the feeling to be alive. It's always an adventure to create wonderful memories with two loving souls. To give them the freedom to feel, to reveal their emotions. To inspire them, but not too much to let them space to unfold. It's like magic. When I edit the photos I often have to smile or even it brings me to tears, and when this happens I know I made it. I really captured feelings."

There are many kinds of love in this world. Love is individual. Love can be tender, love can be wild, love can be quiet, love can be LOUD. Love is powerful. It conquers distance, it conquers doubt, in conquers fear. Love is the only weapon that can end a war. Love is the way. The idea behind our shooting was exactly that. The power of love. Love between people is not always the same. But love is always right. In the end, there is only one thing: to love each other. We’re so happy to create all this magic with amazing human beings. The love and trust thats i given to us makes us so proud to be here, doing what we love with all these magical souls. So we want to say thank you! Thanks to Anna & Raoul, thanks to our couples. You’re amazing. Let ‘s celebrate LOVE.

Pictures by Magdalena Maria Hofmann

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Gear: Canon EOS R 50mm 1.2 lens

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