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"For me, photography is an art, that photographs have the mission to make the viewers feel something when they look at them. For example, a love story can be understood not only through writing but also through photography. In fact, a single photo can convey thousands of messages that no word can precisely describe. That why I love photography."

As a photographer, aside from being authentic, I value diversity in my photos. That principle comes from the desire to bring new values, equality and experience to the viewers. For these reasons, I feel very fortunate every time to capture and capture memorable moments of couples from many different countries and cultures, and more especially, to be able to meet. exposed to the interracial couple, couples that bring emotional cultural fusion. I have had the opportunity to take pictures of hundreds of couples from all over the world to Paris, and it was truly a gift.

Pictures by Alex Nguyen

Instagram  & Website

Location: Paris, France

Gear: Sony a7 III; Sigma 35 mm Art 1.4; Canon 85mm f1.8

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