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"My love for photography grows with every single photoshoot I do. Meeting new people widens my horizon and enriches me as a person; and I believe it also helps the couple know themselves better, connect on another level. It creates those magical moments that you would love to print and frame, put it on your walls forever."

Rome is full of abandoned places, locations that have been left then repurposed and renewed for a new function and life. I am personally a fan of these places, I find industrial archaeology extremely fascinating. I especially love left behind places that are kind of weird, maybe even a bit creepy, but not American Horror Story creepy. The place we chose with Jasscel and Simone was a halfway abandoned place that tickled the minds of us all: in fact, the Santa Maria della Pietà Parc used to be an asylum for people with mental disorders. Then they got all shut down in Italy and people were sent away. Since then, most of these asylums have been left to decade and are risky even to visit (unfortunately). Jasscel and Simone were the exact opposite of this location and this is why everything worked so perfectly. They are passionate, incredibly in love and the cutest. Also, even if they never did a photoshoot before (allegedly) they were amazing in front of the lens. The lights were gorgeous, drawing shadows in between the huge pine trees, and falling on their faces. This photoshoot was the perfect way of celebrating the fact that they went living together just a couple weeks prior after being together for two years. And they were just amazing, laughing a lot and teasing each other, hugging and kissing passionately. Now that I am writing, Jasscel just sent me a text saying they were choosing the photos to print “if it were for me, I’d print them all”. This is why I do what I do. To make people happy and create amazing, magical memories.

Pictures by Rita Foldi

Instagram & Website

Location: Rome, Italy

Gear: Nikon D810, 35mm and 55mm

Presets: Beloved Stories Classic Collection 

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