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"Photography is more than just an industry to show up, take photos and leave. It's an industry to connect, communicate, travel, help, learn, laugh, love and repeat. To encourage, motivate, appreciate and support one another. To build relationships and bond with people because we love people. Its a place to be creative and find art within your own hands and in the minds of us all. A place we can feel accomplished within our own work, work we can call our OWN. THIS is what I love, THIS is why I love it. THIS is apart of me, not just something I do."
Eva and Mychael. A couple that isn’t shy to show how alive and in love they are. The definition of wild souls in the depths of the most beautiful places on earth. A safe place you can be genuine and silly with one another and won’t be shamed for it, because the people around you are witnessing the beauty in the midst of what happiness is “suppose” to look like. Proving that nothing is picture perfect, yet within the simplicity of it all, it all seems perfect. It is but pure bliss to be apart of a time like these when everything else feels like chaos. Eva and Mychael were my reminder to travel for love, no matter the distance. Travel for experience, no matter the cost. Travel for your dreams, no matter how many doubts fill your mind. Travel for your sense of freedom, no matter what that looks like to others. If you haven’t found your person yet, like myself. This is your sign. Be patient. God’s got you AND you future spouse. In His perfect timing. Psalm 31:15

Pictures by Brooke Jones

Location: The Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV; Sigma Art 35mm

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Love Stories

Baby We Were Born to Run by These Wild Souls

Love Stories

Couple Session in the Jungle by Julia Kathleen Photo

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