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"We love photography because we get to know so many wonderful people and bring out their special connection through our photos. It is always something special to be able to feel the love between two people so closely and we love to keep them alive and to tell their own story.“
We met Laura & Erick on this beautiful afternoon for a breathtaking shoot in the mountains. It was so beautiful to feel the love mood between the two and on each photo you can see their intimate connection. Laura was in America as an aupair where Laura and Erick got to know and love each other. Erick then came to Germany to study and to be with his great love. The next year they want to get married and spend their lives together forever.

Pictures by Jan-Philipp Sander

Instagram & Website

Gear: Nikon D750 & Sigma art 35mm 1.4 & Sigma art 24mm 1.4

Location: Wiehengebirge – Nordrhein Westfalen


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