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"Photography introduces me to new people, allows me to look into their souls, teaches me to see the valuable and important inside a person, and not just what is outside."
When a person is faced with a big disaster, he rethinks a lot in his life. In such a moment, it is very important that someone is nearby who can support, give strength to fight for life, and just love. I saw Arina coincidentally on Instagram. Something caught me in her and I began to read her posts. So I learned about a terrible disease. And immediately I felt that I had to look at her through the lens of my camera … Arina met Artyom when she was already sick. He became for her a reliable support and a strong shoulder. These guys struck me with their kindness, wisdom, outlook on life. Their feelings are pure and sincere. They know how to enjoy the moment and be happy here and now. And they will certainly be fine.

Pictures by Anna Stelikova


Location: Minsk, Belarus

Preset: Beloved Free Preset

Gear: Canon 5D Mark III; Canon 50mm 


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