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"I love seeing how differently people love each other and how they connect. I love getting a front seat into a part of their world. And that I can capture it from a stranger's point of view to show their connection from a different perspective than they've seen it before. I always leave a session feeling like I've made new friends for life. The last part I love is bringing the images back to life through editing, and reliving each shoot brings a big smile to my face."

My friends and I met these two when we were out one evening in Amsterdam. They had great chemistry and we asked them if we could photograph them in the city the next day. We thought they wouldn’t believe we were professional photographers, give us a fake number or not show up. We were so wrong, and they were the nicest people to contact the next day. We then met up with them in the city to take some lovely pictures of them during their vacation in Amsterdam. After the shoot, we had time to get to know them even better and they were the warmest, most welcoming couple and hearing their story was incredible. Even with a slight language barrier, they went out of their way to have an unforgettable experience with us. It was a great reminder that with all the chaos we live in, there really are amazing experiences with people and you just have to be adventurous enough to go for it. When they saw her pictures, they said: ‘Our gallery is like a part of us, full of unforgettable souvenirs of a magical trip in Amsterdam!’ How lucky I was to be able to tell a piece of their love story!

Pictures by Rianna Briggs Photography

Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam

Gear: Canon R6; Canon EF 24-70mm

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