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"I fell in love with photography because of the creative freedom that I had with it. I was 16, struggling with expressing what I wanted to be and photography came in and helped me discover so much more of my creative mind. I love the connections I get to make through it, the places I get to experience, the love stories that I get to hear, and the fact that I am freezing a moment in time for so many people."

The shoot was actually extremely last minute. I planned to stay another night in Charleston after my photographers retreat and me and my friend decided to find a couple to do pictures of before we left to go back home. So our FBI skills came out, we deeply searched instagram, finally found a couple and then gathered some outfits together to use a few hours later. It was amazing and came together better than I think we could have imagined. The couple was MADLY in love and brought our steamy in home dreams to life.

Pictures by MGPhotography

Location: South Carolina

Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV; Canon 24-70mm

Love Stories

Love by Alena Papaki

Love Stories

Embracing The Unexpected by Sylvi Schaffrath Fotografie