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"I love that photography brings people together from all over the world. I love that it tells a story that words can't."

We were having Gabe and Michelle over to stay from the US. They’d decided to go to Glen Coe to do a shoot whilst on their way to the Isle of Skye and asked if we wanted to join them which we obvs did – I mean LOOK AT THEM. So we took our wedding things and we took it in turn to shoot each other. Because the sun was setting we didn’t have time to get changed so throughout this shoot I’m chilling in my wedding dress! Sunset waits for no one! But it was so much fun. We drove 3 hours to Glen Coe and it was so totally worth it. Those mountains, humans and of course the gorgeous tartan blanket made this the dreamiest shoot ever. I’ll never tired of meeting new people, traveling to new places and taking photographs.

Pictures by Joanna Eliza Photography

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Gear: Canon 5D MK IV + Sigma 35mm 1.4

Location: Glen Coe

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