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"I love photography because I love love - in all of its forms (self, romantic, familial, platonic). I love photography because it allows a space to capture the unique and individual and personal. I love photographing exactly what makes a person themselves - and what makes a couples' relationship special. I love that it provides a space in which I can prioritise representation and diversity - and show how incredibly beautiful and incredible it is."
These photos were birthed out of a little dream of mine – centred arounds lanterns. At first that was all that I knew I wanted to do, I didn’t have a location or couple or theme in mind. Just, lanterns. And I honestly couldn’t love them how they turned out more. The intimacy of the lantern light, the colours and the sky, the reflection off of the water, the location abandoned by all but us due to nightfall (this location was PACKED with photographers only minutes before we took our lanterns out). Sunshine (they/them) and Brook (she/her) are the most beautiful couple with such chemistry, affection, and love.

Pictures by Kassia Fardoe


Location: San Francisco 

Gear: Nikon D750; Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens.

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