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"I love creating beautiful images and make people happy, catching their best smiles, their best profiles, making them confident, seeing the beauty everywhere."

We photographed and filmed Yannick & Rebecca’s wedding in the city of Port-Vila (the capital of Vanuatu, archipel in the middle of the South Pacific). They had flown over from Australia with a good bunch of friends. A few days later, we all hopped on a plane to reach another island to get epic shots on the top of an active volcano. On that off the beaten path session, we made a first stop at the volcano ash plain, and Bec and Yann said their vows to each other with the view of the volcano in the back. We then climbed to the top and witnessed the sun setting on the hill while the volcano became more and more red . The sounds of the volcano erupting and the sight of the fireworks it was making was such an amazing experience….And having a partner nailing the long exposure was a must (so proud of the pics with the red smoke and silhouette couple)

Pictures by Gaelle Meheut

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Location: Yasur Vulcano on Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Gear: Nikon D850 Prime lens 28mm and 50mm Tripod for long exposure shots

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