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"I admire the purest form of adventurous love. All those invisible, magical and little detailed moments that should last forever all over the world. Let's be honest and authentic. That is what I live for and what makes my work as an artist so special."

Okay, let’s be honest! Originally we planned a beautiful sunset photoshoot at the beach, just another typical one. But things changed super fast, especially in South Africa. Suddenly a hard lockdown was announced in South Africa. Yes, Covid-19 has also reached this beautiful place on earth. The evening before lockdown I was able to spend some time with Liesbet & Paul, a loving local couple from Cape Town. We decided to meet up on the top of Signal Hill. It was our wish to see their city one last time from above, to listen to all the noisy sounds and to feel the wind while the sun was setting. But it was different…. it was cloudy and atypically the wind was quiet. The moments up there have been really melancholic. Liesbet and Paul enjoyed their special time, they so many intense longingly and funny moments. I still admire their strong connection. Dear South Africa, I miss you.

Pictures by Jennifer Stieler

Instagram & Website

Gear: Sony A7iii, 50mm Zeiss Planar 1.4

Location: Signal Hill, Cape Town, South Africa


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