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"Through photography I keep my balance. I love to capture intimate and special moments between two loving souls for eternity. The love between them seems to pass over to me for a moment and I feel incredibly alive during it. That is why I love what I do."

The real idea behind this afternoon was just to spend time with my grandparents and create beautiful memories for my whole family. For a long time I wanted to take pictures of my parents together and I always put it off. Last year my father died after a three year fight against cancer and we never managed it to take pictures of him and my mother together. My grandparents were very happy when I asked if I could take pictures of them. So we met on a sunny afternoon and my grandpa was full of euphoria to show me his favorite places in town. He is incredibly proud of his town, which is nestled between forest and vineyards. I am really happy to be able to photograph my grandparents like this, their love for each other and their love for their hometown.

Pictures by Lena Geib

Instagram & Website

Location: Deidesheim, Palatinate

Gear: Sony Alpha 7 III, Sigma 35mm Art

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