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"We love that photography allows us witness amazing stories of love, and we are able to build strong relationships of trust with the people we get to photograph. It allows us to give couples a way to hold on to the feeling of both large and important moments such as weddings, as well as the smallest of moments such as an afternoon at home."

Jackson and Araceli are a very passionate couple, and this intense chemistry between them inspired us to document a relaxed date night at home where they shared in their love for music and dark coffee. Everything began with Jackson playing some tunes in his guitar for Araceli, and they quickly gravitated towards each other’s arms. They also brewed some of their favorite coffee on a French press, and shared a cup while also not being able to resist the taste of caffeine from each other’s lips. We are proud to have been able to capture the essence of their deep connection and love for each other. We love being able to photograph couple’s at home, because we believe we are able to achieve a deeper level of intimacy. Jackson and Araceli allowed themselves to let their guard down and be vulnerable in front of our lease, and we are truly happy to be able to earn that level of trust from other people.

Pictures by David Valdovinos

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV Sigma 35 mm f1.4 Art Lense


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