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"I love photography because it brought me together with so many different people over time. This time it brought me together with people with the same vision and I loved working together with them. Everybody was looking forward to see the results which gave me even more excitement during the shoot."

I wanted to show that you don’t always have to stick to the rules and that you can get married the way you prefer. This could be, like these images show, in a more edgy and rock’n’roll way. Quiet and romantic pictures are not always for everyone and with these pictures I wanted to give some inspiration for a more alternative looking style. Chilled leather jacket and a pair of Doc Martens – I mean how bomb are they looking ? Totally had the best time during the shoot with them.

Pictures by Vanessa Olewicz


Gear: Nikon D750 & Sigma Art 35mm

Location: Schwanheimer Dünen


This Magic Happened Thanks to:
You are Main Bridal Concept Store
Blumenlaube Frankfurt
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