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"Photography is the way I express myself. It's the one thing that calms me down when times are rough and the awesome people I get to meet through it is a bonus. "
I think it was the most nerve-wracking shoot I’ve ever had because I had to play it cool the whole time (good thing my camera covers almost all of my face)! Kiki & Ewi contacted me a while ago for a couple session in the mountains. We have been rescheduling the shoot for like a thousand times due to bad weather conditions. The shoot was supposed to happen a few days later but we spontaneously decided to do it on the following day because the weather forecast for the next days wasn’t very promising again. Anyhow, Ewi calls me a few hours before the shoot to tell me he had a surprise planned for Kiki and after he told me he was going to propose to her I think I was at least as nervous as he was. I love how thoughtful he was though. Since she wanted to do a shoot, she would have never thought he had this in mind the whole time. I can’t imagine how he must have felt, rescheduling so many times. Every time I scroll trough the pictures and see those tears of happiness rolling down her face.. I’m not crying, you’re crying. (:

Pictures by Rebecca Dimény

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV & Sigma Art 1.4 35 mm

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