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"I love to expand my horizons through photography, to meet new and especially different people with different backgrounds. Also, I can't get enough of sitting in front of the PC and getting a fat smile on my face while reviewing and editing images. And most of all, it fills me up to get so much appreciation from my clients."

A photo shoot in a big city has always been a big dream of mine, even though it’s totally out of my comfort zone. Since I was in the Netherlands for a workshop in October, I wanted to take this chance to do a free shoot in Amsterdam. So I went on Instagram in search of couples who might be up for such a shoot. For hours (if not days) I searched until I luckily came across Claudia and her boyfriend Deniz. We hadn’t made any concrete plans for the shoot – to be honest, I didn’t have much time to make any big plans in advance. We just talked a bit about the choice of clothes and simply set up a meeting place in the middle of the city. And that’s exactly what I love about free projects – you can of course plan everything completely from front to back. I love to let myself drift and just let the creativity run free – without any expectations and without pressure. The shoot with Claudia and Deniz was also my first session in English and that was partly really funny, because I just babbled away without thinking. There came out some really funny sentences, but that has also loosened up the atmosphere and and made us all laugh. We had a lot of fun and even the rain didn’t dampen the mood – on the contrary, we took it with humor and made the best of it.

Pictures by Michelle Cole Fotografie

Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam

Gear: Sony A7 III; Sigma 35mm, Sony Zeiss 55mm

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