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"With photography, I can express my feelings and make other people happy. That's what I love about this job and I couldn't imagine doing anything different."
My last wedding in 2019 took place in Cape Town. After the wedding I had some more days in Cape Town. I just wanted to make a nice couple shoot on the beach with sunset. I wrote to Maddie & Kyle via Instgram and asked if they would like to shoot with me. Instead of sunset we had rain and storm during the shoot. That was anything but bad. It was a real adventure. To the loctaion we had to climb over some cliffs and a lot of bushes. We had an incredible time together and took great pictures. I love the great scenery and the colors in and around Cape Town. I am looking forward to my next visit there, i have some more shoots.

Pictures by Patrick Pannenberg

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Gear: Canon 5D Mk 4 & Sigma 35mm 1.4 & creative mind (:

Location: Sandy Bay – Cape Town

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Maddie Lymburner
Kyle Fraser
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