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"I am continually fascinated by the connection between people. I like to observe how they interact with each other. Photography is like therapy for me. The more I shoot, the more I've to come to realize that my pictures are a reflection of my mind, my emotions, imagination and thoughts."
Hannah and Charlie are friends of mine, they don’t like to be in front of the camera. The photoshoot was to “warm up” before their wedding day the week after. It was a sunny day but it dramatically changed just after we met. We decided to make a loop around the block. Because it was pouring rain naturally there was a lot of running. I wanted to show the movement in my pictures by slowing down shooter speed. The beauty of shooting in these conditions is that the light reflects in multiple directions giving new shape to whatever happens to be wet. It also helps shy couples to focus on the environment rather than the camera.

Pictures by E.T. Photography

Location: England, London

Gear: Nikon Z6, Sigma Art 35mm

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