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"We really believe photography is able to capture the real soul of people. That's why we love to be surrounded by love and meaningful moments, happy people dancing around and emotional touches. This is what makes us feel happy and complete, and we're so lucky and grateful to be able to testimony those strong feelings, creating memories that will be cherished forever."

We had in mind a smashing photoshoot in an unusual location for months before we finally had the opportunity to concretize it. We were so lucky to find the most ideal couple who was able to represent and interpret the feeling of this cave perfectly. Yes, we are talking about a dismissed quarry in the Lazio region. It was once used to extract stones and materials to build the surrounding houses, nowadays it is just a fascinating “crater” left there to watch over the neighbourhoods. Absolutely in line with their style and coherent with their their lifestyle, too, Paolo and Elena were the most perfect rock-alternative couple we could ever wish for this photoshoot. The obvious inspiration was a rock and unconventional yet chic bride, a mix of tradition and romanticism with her almost-white knee-short lace dress in addition to dark, plum lips combined. Everything came together with the leather jacket and for a touch of sparkle, Elena added a single ear-decoration. We felt like guests in the huge hole of this quarry with the beautiful industrial archaeological pieces in affinity with the surrounding nature which during the past decades took back the space. Everything was in harmony and yet so opposite that it made the perfect match. The beautiful Elena had a lovely bouquet made of flowers that recalled the countryside, carefully chosen by the talented Flovver; while her awesome fiance Paolo also had other naturally dried flowers in his back pocket for a naturalistic and eccentric touch to add to the tattoos and rings. The passion between them was clear and true, pure and fresh. “I’m not used to seeing you dressed like this. You are so beautiful” – said Paolo, and we could truly say his heart was melting. We all felt like they were hugged by the mountains who were gifting us the most amazing background for the photos. We absolutely loved the greener areas, standing on the edge of the cave’s mouth, as well as climbing up the concrete and steel remains of the ancient buildings, where ribbons distributed the stones by sizes. Elena and Paolo ruled the world in that exact moment. Holding hands on top of the tower, we could not have asked for more. They were so in love. They were absolutely perfect.

Pictures by Silvia Poropat & Rita Foldi

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Gear: Nikon D750 & Nikon D810

Location: Italy

This Magic Happened Thanks to:
Barbara Mattei
Paolo Falasca
Elena Prosdocimo
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