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"Photography is my way of expressing myself and my feelings. It's a tool to capture raw moments and make them live forever!"

A dream came true for me to photograph a couple in the desert of Bardenas Reales. The landscape here is beautiful and rugged. While traveling through Spain in a camper van, I realized this photo shoot. When you think of Spain, you think of sun and warmth. Not in late November! After getting up early at 5am, the weather forecast looked anything but promising – rain, temperatures just above 0°C and lots of wind. After the couple got dressed in their wedding attire in my motorhome, we were ready to start the photo shoot. I was worried that the couple would get too cold, so we photographed outside for a maximum of 15 minutes, then came back to the van and warmed up with tea and donuts. They did fantastic with the cold and wind, and the pictures turned out much better than I had originally imagined.

Pictures by Valentin Geiss Fotografie

Location: Spain, Bardenas Reales

Gear: Sony A7 III; Sigma 35mm

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