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Best of January and February '21
Running Towards You by Heartmade Weddings
"We love photography because it captures beings in their purest and most authentic form. Photography doesn't lie and it is the eternal sentinel of time. When taking a picture, it remains there, not only as an image itself but also as a defining moment that stays with you both as a photographer and as a human being for the rest of your life, it makes you evolve. It feels like an illusion because it is an illusion, but it's the only one that allows us to defy mortality."
The idea was to capture Leire & Molly’s longtime friendship and romance in an adventurous and humble way. We tried to create an experience for them (rather than engaging them in a simple photoshoot), an everlasting memory of a day spent somewhere far where we could venerate nature and feel it bigger than ourselves. We’re still trying to figure out what was funnier, if the photoshoot or the meal and cider that we ended sharing by the end of the day in one of the cutest mountain villages we have ever been to.

Pictures by Alisa Andrei & Mikel Durán

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Location: National Park of Picos de Europa, Spain

Gear: Canon 5D MIV, Canon 24-70mm 2.8, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Canon 85mm 1.8

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