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Best of January and February '21
Show It to Everyone by Bridget Burnett Photography
"I love photography because it freezes a moment in time. A moment that you are able to come back to over and over again. Experience it again and again. I love being able to provide this special gift for people! I also love photography for the people I meet and the places I'm able to go. I feel so lucky that my passion is my career!"
Chloe + Craig were supposed to get married in 2020, but life had a different plan for them. After they decided to postpone to 2021, they found out they were pregnant! We were planning this engagement shoot for over a year in San Diego, so when it was finally time to shoot we decided to turn it into a pregnancy announcement shoot too. I’m a photographer in Colorado, so photographing on the beach in San Diego was an absolute blast. Chloe + Craig brought their swimsuits and decided to go for a little sunset swim. When they got out of the ocean, a dense fog started rolling in and we got amazing photos!

Pictures by Bridget Burnett 

Website & Instagram

Scripps Pier, San Diego

Gear: Canon Mark IV +Canon 35mm 1.4

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