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"What I love about photography is that you capture a special moment forever. It's a picture of an unrepeatable scene, feeling, emotion, light, laughter and all the details that made that moment special. 
It feels like a super power and the best part is making hearts smile."

It was my second shoot with these two lovely and creative souls, Emily and Lino. We met for the first time in February 2021 and even if it was the first time it felt like meeting old friends. And it was the same feeling the second time. We had a really spontaneous shoot, with no real plan of what we wanted to do. We met in Wiesbaden and just let ourselves drift by our ideas and the locations. The best idea ever. We had so much fun at the different locations, but especially with the skateboard, I’m so grateful to have had the chance to capture these real, magical and so spontaneous moments. A wonderful evening with great people and even more wonderful memories.

Pictures by Natalescha

Location: Germany

Gear: Nikon Z6; Nikkor 50mm 1.4, Nikkor 35mm 1.8

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