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"For us, photography is not just as simple as pressing a button, it is also a search for the beauty of each and every human being. Our photography style is warm & moody, with a touch of elegance & vintage. For the photos to always be chic yet timeless, we aim for the highest result, meaning even to the smallest details and gesture, especially your candid moments. We truly believe that it’s the small things that make all the difference."

We got contacted by a Vietnamese couple living in New York for their engagement shoot. In Asian culture, we usually do engagement/pre-wedding photoshoots before the actual wedding date wearing a wedding dress. And it is a norm to wear a big, princess dress but with this couple, it was different. They opted for stylish vibes as the bride wore a super chic white suit. We also wanted to blend in with the modern, fast-paced vibes of New York City.

Pictures by Linh Tran

Instagram & Website

Gear: Sony A7iii, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.8

Location: New York

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