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"Photography is my way to show people their beauty. I breaks my heart when I hear someone say that they are not good or pretty enough to be captured. It's my goal to let them see how beautiful and loved they are. And that they deserve good photos of themselves. My favorite reactions after a photoshoot? 'I cried' or 'WOW, we look like models'."

I love couples who like adventures, intimacy and fun. I want to capture their unique love. Their love for eachother is so so freaking special. I feel really blessed to capture those moments for them. This photoshoot took place in the dunes of Den Helder, my hometown. Den Helder is a small town in the north of the Netherlands. It’s surrounded by the sea and it’s my favorite place to shoot. When you’re lucky, you can shoot with wild horses on the background. At the end of this photoshoot, we were very lucky! The reason why I like this part of the dunes, is the variety of views. There is sand, outstretched dunes, high trees. There are so many options. It gives my couples so much different photos. And with this couple, it wasn’t very hard to shoot a bunch of different pictures. I love the combination of their fun and crazyness and their love and intimate moments in between.

Pictures by Jolande Alicia Bras

Instagram & Website

Gear: Sony A7iii & Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art

Location: The dunes of Den Helder, Netherlands

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