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"I love photography because I've never been really good at words. With photography you don't need to say anything. You just let the image tell the story. And each person can take away something completely different. It can speak to them in ways that us as the artist may never know. And if my work speaks to one person, it's all worth it.."
When I met Tamar and Yossi I knew I wanted to find a rooftop in Old City Jerusalem where the sun was just right. Because I was with locals they knew the perfect spot! It was still early in the morning so the streets were pretty much empty which gave us the most stunning backdrops. Every once in a while a kid would run in the middle of our shot, but the couple asked me to leave them in the shots because they also wanted their photos to tell the story of what life in Jerusalem is actually like. I’m so proud of these images. I just moved to Jerusalem four months ago and I hadn’t done any kind of sessions in over five months. So I’m just giddy looking at these and seeing the spark be reignited inside of my soul for photography. Sometimes a break is needed so you can reflect on why you’re REALLY passionate about your craft.

Pictures by Jenna Solomon


Gear: Nikon D750 camera, 50mm 1.8 lens, Rose Anvil camera harness

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

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